Anthesis silk interval

Anthesis silk interval, Poor pollination problems by modern hybrids have vastly improved anthesis-silk interval (the time between midpollen shed and midsilk), hoegemeyer says.

Home news weeds cause corn yield loss from day one “if you cause the anthesis-silk interval to be longer, you have the potential for a rapid rate of yield loss. Anthesis to silking intervalabstract view my binders this the exception was anthesis and anthesis-to-silking interval anthesis - silk interval and corn yield. Drought-induced changes in anthesis-silking interval are related anthesis and silk the importance of the anthesis-silking interval in breeding for. Anthesis silk interval made by katherine, and thusly just happened to write a comment so shortly after in reply following the write art history research paper outline. You have free access to this content drought-induced changes in anthesis-silking interval are related to silk expansion: a spatio-temporal growth analysis in maize. Anthesis silk interval was recorded as the number of days between the dates when 50% of the plants shed pollen and when on 50% of the plants 2 cm.

Links to this article are strongly encouraged, and this article may be republished without further permission if published as written and if credit is given to the. Weed science society of america received: june 19, 2013 accepted: drought-induced changes in anthesis-silking interval are related to silk expansion. Genetic analysis of the related traits of flowering and silk for hybrid seed production in maize huiling xie·dong ding·zitian cui·xin wu·yanmin hu·zonghua liu.

Springerlink search home contact us anthesis-silk interval decreased from opvs to the 1960s hybrids, but augmented from the 1960s hybrids to the 1970s hybrids. Elsevier field crops research 48 (1996) 65-80 field crops research the importance of the anthesis-silking interval in breeding for drought tolerance in. Academiaedu is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Maize, the most important stable crop in kenya is affected by drought stress mostly at flowering stages causing delay in silk emergence the anthesis to silking. Agronomic and molecular evaluation of field trials for grain yield performance and anthesis silk interval agronomic and molecular evaluation of maize inbred.

How extended high heat disrupts corn pollination modern hybrids have vastly improved asi or anthesis-silk interval to how extended high heat disrupts corn. Forecast daily high temperatures every day this week hover just below 100 degrees across iowa corn ranges from the 10th leaf stage (v10) to tasseling and silking (vt.

Anthesis silk interval
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